About Me

My name is Deepinder Kaur and I’m a fitness freak and enterprenuer making a living from GymSym. Back in 2005, after completing Bachelor in physiotherapy, I stumbled upon an opportunity to work in Gym as physiotherapist. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I got involved in understanding the day to day operations of running gym, thinking ways to automate the manual tasks, moving away from spreadsheets.

I worked on various gym management tools available in market but always felt that something is missing. No one is working at solving the core problem of how to keep members happy? I decided to put my domain knowledge into building GymSym – a cloud based Gym Management Software providing easy management of customer data, handling walkin, online calendar, booking system, payment gateway integration, a mobile app and many more.GymSym is like an additional employee. GymSym saves you time and money by ensuring that your gym runs smoothly.

Feature request are an important part of our ecosystem, and are used to help prioritize our development road-map. The best way to make a feature request, is by using the below webform. When a request is made, your feature will be added to our internal tracker. We prioritize feature request based on the overall need, and value added to all members of the system.

Please Note: Not all feature requests will eventually make it into the platform. All feedback is valued, and has an impact on our overall product.

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